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Platform coverage

sophos antivirus most Windows desktop versions opened Windows 10, Windows Server 2003 into 2012 R2, Microsoft Exchange, Mac, Linux, and Unix systems are supported by Sophos Endpoint Protection. iOS, Android, Windows Telephone, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry OS supported mobile operating systems. VMware vSphere, ESX, and Workstation, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V Server maintained virtual surroundings.


sophos antivirus

In tests done by AV-Test on Windows 10 in November and December 2016, sophos antivirus received a 14.5 out of 18 ratings for protection, performance, and usability. Out of 12 product comparisons, this received the lowest score. The low score was primarily due to the performance component, which indicated that the software hindered the operating system and other application response times. During that time, the highest-ranking products were Kaspersky Small Office Security and Bitdefender Endpoint Security, both of which received an 18.


The sophos antivirus Enterprise Console manages on-premises endpoint security, giving administrators a single console to install software and monitor endpoints. The console allows for policy design and deployment and endpoint status and event information, and remote disinfection. Administrators can now administer Endpoint Protection customers through the web using Sophos Central.

sophos antivirus

sophos antivirus is a global pioneer in next-generation cybersecurity, defending over 500,000 businesses and millions of consumers in over 150 countries against today’s most sophisticated cyberthreats. Sophos Central is a single cloud-based management console that serves as an adaptive cybersecurity ecosystem hub that includes a consolidated data lake and a rich set of open APIs for customers, partners, developers, and other cybersecurity suppliers.

  • 1. Start the download
  • 2. Double-click on the downloaded SophosInstall.exe file to run the installer. On the User Account Control prompt, click Yes.
  • 3. Wait for the initial download to finish.
  • 4. Click Let’s start, review the Terms and Conditions and click Agree
  • 5. Choose the appropriate option to continue – New User –> Install
  • 6. The installation will start, and your pleasure act performed with the steps to create an account, Create an account using your favored email address and password. Create an account using your favored email address and password. Click Continue
  • 7. Your trial is ready!

Click Restart to reboot the computer and execute .

Error message


You see one of the following error messages in the notification area:

· Antivirus and HIPS: failure
· Firewall: failure


One of your network’s sophos antivirus Endpoint Security and Control environments has broken and wants to be restarted.

Sophos XDR

sophos antivirus Intercept X with XDR (extended detection and response) combines the most robust endpoint protection in the industry with the ability to identify and investigate threats across endpoints, servers, firewalls, and other data sources. See the broad picture to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Sophos MTR

A skilled team provides 24/7 threat hunting, identification, and response as a fully managed service. sophos antivirus does more than alert you to attacks or unusual activity; it takes targeted measures on your behalf to defeat even the most sophisticated and complicated threats.

Sophos cloud Optix

Cloud Optix provides businesses with the constant review and clarity they need to identify, return to, and check protection and agreement gaps while also considering how to get the most out of their cloud spending.

Sophos email

Sophos Email is a cloud email security service supplied through sophos antivirus, a single administration platform that is simple to use. With the newest artificial intelligence, you can protect sensitive data – and your users – from unwanted and dangerous email attacks.

How can a Technobit Sophos assist you?

Technobits’ sophos antivirus experts are passionate about their work. Sophos Drive Encryption is full disc encryption software that helps safeguard data on Microsoft Windows tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs. It helps prevent sensitive data from being lost or stolen. It’s made to make all data on a hard drive incomprehensible to unauthorized users, which allows meeting compliance requirements. Traditional hard drives, solid-state drives, and self-encrypting drives are all compatible with Technobits Sophos Drive Encryption.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of inquiries can the Partner Care Team help associates, including?

  • Access points with Associate Portal, Central Dashboard, and sophos antivirus.
  • Licensing and ordering.
  • Deal registration and requesting incumbency.
  • Multi-factor authentication and resets.
  • Updating company and contact details.
  • Managing users in the partner portal.

Can Sophos be trusted?

On the other hand, Sophos is a good alternative for users seeking a simple antivirus that provides constant, reliable protection against all forms of known and developing malware and internet security threats.

Can Sophos track your activity?

Events are presented on the appliance when Full Web Control is preferred. You may view browsing activities using the Reports and Search tools on the Sophos Web Appliance or Management Appliance.

How do I access Sophos user portal?

The User Portal can be accessed by going to https://Sophos Device IP Address> or clicking “Click here for User Portal” on the Captive Portal page. Use your user’s sign-in credentials to access the Portal.

What is the Sophos self-service portal used for?

If your users utilize Sophos Email, Sophos Central Device Encryption, or Sophos Mobile, the Sophos Central Self Service Portal allows them to perform some operations independently. Users of Sophos Email, for example, can control their quarantined emails.